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Certification according to this International Standard is considered as fulfilling the requirements of both EN 473:2008 and ISO 9712:2005; consequently, any requirement for certification to either of these standards is fulfilled by a certification according to this International Standard.

Testing Methods
eddy current, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiographic and ultrasonic testing of aerospace materials, components and structures
radiographic and ultrasonic testing of light and dense metal castings
radiographic, ultrasonic (including time-of-flight diffraction techniques) and electromagnetic testing of light and dense metal welds
eddy current and ultrasonic testing of wrought products
General Products
ultrasonic thickness measurement, liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing and visual testing of general engineering products (multi-sector, including castings, welds and wrought products), and radiation safety certification
liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing of rail and ultrasonic testing of railway axles; liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing of general railway products (multi-sector, including castings and wrought products)
Tubes & Pipes
liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing eddy current testing and ultrasonic testing of tubes and pipes (including flat products for tube fabrication) for pressure purposes


C --- Castings
F --- Forgings & Wrought Products
W --- Weldments
B --- Tubes & Pipes

CODE --- SECTORS (Industry)
A --- Aerospace
G --- Pre and in-service inspection
H --- Railway

CODE NDT Methods
E --- Electromagnetic Testing
E1 --- Eddy Current
E2 --- ACFM
M --- Magnetic Particle Testing
P --- Liquid Penetrant Testing
R --- Radiography
U --- Ultrasonic Testing
V --- Visual Testing

CODE Scope of competence
H1 --- Railway Axles
H2 --- Rail (Refer to PCN/GEN Appendix F2.1 for detailed key to codes)
I --- Radiographic interpreter
S --- Radiation Protection
T --- Basic Radiation Safety
X --- X-Rays
Y --- Gamma Rays
e --- Dye Penetrants
f --- Fluorescent Penetrants
g --- Fixed Installations
h --- Portable Equipment
j --- Composite Materials
k --- Materials & Components
m --- Structures
n --- Light Metals
o --- Dense Metals
p --- Plates
q --- Bars & Billets
s --- Forgings
t --- Condenser Tubes
v --- NDT Instruction Writing
w --- Critical defect Sizing
x --- Single Frequency
y   --- Multiple Frequency
3.1 --- Butt Welds in Plate
3.2 --- Butt Welds in Pipe
3.7 --- ‘T’ Joint Welds
3.8 --- Nozzle Welds
3.9 --- Node Weld

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